About Us

Our Vision


At Phoenix Women’s Outreach, we envision a world that’s free of violence to all mankind

Our Mission

The mission of Phoenix Women’s Outreach is to regenerate, rejuvenate, and restore women and children who are currently facing and overcoming the effects of trauma caused by teen dating, intimate partner and domestic violence.  We strive to instill hope and transform lives one woman and child at a time.

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Our Core Values

At Phoenix Women’s Outreach our core values are

We believe…

  • We remain loyal to our mission
  • We dedicate our time and support to service the needs of women and children.
  • We provide each volunteer with an exceptional experience while volunteering their time with PWO.
  • Maximizing the support of our donors and sponsors.

Individually and collectively, we must stand against teen dating, intimate and domestic violence by never being defeated by the abuse.

  • Advocate that every woman and child should be safe.
  • Allowing each woman and child a second chance.
  • Treat all who come through our doors or use our services with equal respect.

Donate Today

Your support helps us to provide domestic violence and sexual assault education to the Houston community. Donate now and help those in need.

Next Steps...

We hope our website answers the questions that brought you here, whether you are in need of assistance for yourself or a loved one. Maybe you are searching for ways to help PWO grow and continue transforming the lives of women and children. Please do so by making donations.